Doron Kochavi started his career as a legal intern in the District Court of Tel Aviv under Judge Lowenberg. In his later career, he started to work in real estate and property law, real estate development, commercial law, bankruptcy and litigation in Israel representing both private ad publicly traded companies. After completing his service in the military, Tel Aviv Mayor Shlomo “Chich” Lahat appointed Kochavi as the manager Hadar Yosef neighborhood.

One of his notable appearances include being a court appointed trustee for the rights of hundreds of holders to over see the development of the public areas of north Tel Aviv and Gush Hagadol.

Kochavi has built thru his career hundreds of residential units.

In 1994, a statutory committee of the Finance and Agricultural Ministries appointed Kochavi as an advisor to Knesset sub-committee that exposed the Israeli market to imports. He was also a rehabilitator 40+ “moshavim” (cooperative settlements) authorized by a District Court judge.

Kochavi is noted as a co-founder the Tel Aviv-Los Angeles partnership that started in 1997. He became a member of the Steering Committee as well as the chairman of the Tel Aviv Education Committee of the partnership and served up till 2003.



Kochavi has been a board member of the Israeli Forum in 1980s and currently serves as a board member of The Herb and Sharon Glaser Foundation (Israel), The Buchman Heyman Foundation (Israel), Friends of the Diaspora Museum, Trustee of The Ohela Foundation, chairman of the steering committee of Friends of Mercaz HaMusica, and the founding chairman of the Friends of Ghetto Fighter’s House.

Kochavi currently serves on the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University.